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Pricing and Payments

Pricing Models Aimed Toward Your Financial Growth

Our pricing models are developed to be specific to your business and your direct needs. We are able to work with you to find the best possible payment plan that is focused on maximizing your profits while ensure growth and efficiency to your business' workflow.

Pricing Plans that Work with You

Proportional Fees

We charge a commission on what we collect for you. Your cost is always proportional to your revenue, so it is always affordable. We grow with you, because our success is tied to your success. With rates as low as 7%, this is our most popular option.

Fixed Rate Fees

A fixed price keeps your costs predictable as you build your practice, while maintaining access to our expertise. This can be converted to a commission-based contract at a later time as you grow.

In a Meeting

Questions About Pricing?

We understand that pricing models may need to differ in order to fit the specific needs of our clients. Not all businesses are alike, and to us that mean payment options should adapt in order to best suit each customer. If you have questions about or our rates, fees, or would like to discuss payment options - contact us directly so that we can assist you properly.

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