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Your Vision, Our Solutions

We are trusted professionals that specialize in finding efficient ways to improve and expedite workflow. We bring more than just experience, we bring results.

Our Story

For over 20 years we have helped professionals, private companies, healthcare providers, and more receive the maximum amount of revenue with keeping accounts receivable minimal.  Our job is to be behind the scenes making sure the billing portion of the business is running effectively and efficiently. We are backed by BBA degrees in Accounting and Finance, QuickBooks, and  proud members of the American Academy of Professional Coding with certification in CPC, CPCO, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Coding.


Lake State Business Solutions is dedicated to serving the healthcare industry by optimizing  services by following the Centers for Medicare Services, Office of Inspector General and the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Meet the Owner

At Lake State Business Solutions we are  fueled by a passion for seeing numeric results to give providers optimal outcomes. We are keen on prioritizing patient / customer needs while creating rapid improvements in company workflow to focus on revenue peaks and relief towards outstanding accounts; focusing on solving problems and we are confident to find useful solutions to bring efficiency to your business.

- Belinda Smith

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Transparent and Routine Reporting

As a Lake State Business Solutions client, you’ll receive regular production reports that include the total charges, total payments, and total adjustments at the end of each monthly period close . We’ll also provide a summary of each month’s accounts receivable. If you require more information, Lake State Business Solutions will work to develop customized reports to fit your practice’s medical billing needs.


In addition, our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who understands the needs of their practice. Being given one-on-one service from the onset of our relationship helps our clients find peace of mind knowing that they are building a report with someone who will understand their billing needs intimately. Rest assured that you can go to your account representative at any time with your questions or concerns.

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